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We love sea voyages.

That is what makes our products unique. 

We apply our enthusiasm for traveling by sea to our products and love to find elegant, safe, and certified solutions to the challenges imposed by wind, weather, and adversity.

And what makes us different from all other hammock manufacturers in the world:

CRAZYCHAIR Nautic hammocks are not standard products,

because we developed them specifically for the high seas.


We gave CRAZYCHAIR its perfect form and create them according to aesthetic and ergonomic criteria. Combined with German crafts-manship, diligence, top-of-the-line materials, and an individual color palette, our products express wellness on board your ship or at land in a whole new and unique way.


The CRAZYCHAIR Collection is perfectly equipped with selected materials and quality workmanship. Thanks to our clear specialization and many years of focused activities for the leading fleets, ships, hotels, CRAZYCHAIR has achieved a unique and unparalleled level of vertical production and reliability.


Furnishings on cruise ships are subjected to extreme conditions. As designer and manufacturer in the upper maritime segment, we produce the CRAZYCHAIR Collection exclusively in Germany – from tested and certified materials. We only use raw materials that satisfy the strict requirements and certifications.



High quality products designed to be enjoyed.

Our Mission: Perfection

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