In a documentary about crew life on board the "Mein Schiff" by TUI Cruises, the new open-air relaxation area of the crew is reported. The forebody was upgraded by several weatherproof hammocks Clipper from Crazy Chair-Nautic. The TUI Cruises management has made the right decision and the crew is thrilled. This creates popular feel-good zones with real added value.

The Kabel1 TV team accompanied, observed and questioned several passengers during a ship cruise in the TV report " The great holiday report ". The passenger statements made it very clear: We want a balcony cabin with a hammock "! This film scene of about 1 minute clearly shows how passengers deal with the hammock, feel comfortable in it and experience and enjoy an added value for the holiday feeling. But it also proves that on very small balconies, which often only offer space for 2 chairs and 1 table, it is possible that 1 person can lie in the hammock, while the 2nd person still uses chair and table. that even stairs go up and down, your passengers on the sun decks should also be able to - right?
We will not only tell you how easy it is, but also how you can meet the constant requests of passengers "I don't have a table with my sunbed to take off my drink, glasses, smartphone" with added comfort. And another thing: 100 side tables on the sun deck need a lot of space and have to be put away all the time. Our 100 pcs. provided solution fits into a packing carton and guarantees 100% comfort for passengers and relief of the crew. Oh yes, our proposal is also much cheaper, is manufactured in Germany and is now registered at the patent office. Curious? Ask for our presentation and you will be amazed:

We wanted to know and asked the passengers directly.
Over 1,200 passenger surveys, directly after a trip, with one of the 46 selected cruise ships, carried out over a period of 5 months. The results are surprising, informative, convincing and well comprehensible in many answers. From the passenger's point of view, the results also show in which areas of relaxation, equipment and retreats on many cruise ships still have some catching up to do. If you would like to know more about this, please send us an e-mail to the following address: We will be happy to send you the results of the survey, presented on 14 charts in English.

Theory, test, practice - in the meantime we have realized all 3 phases and have taken the corresponding time. Better be safe than sorry. Here is our current status.
1. Theory:
Our idea of adhesive fasteners for hammock mounting was discussed and discussed in detail with well-known companies from various industries (boat/shipbuilding, adhesives, paints, technicians) and their experts.
2. Test:
Several test phases with different materials and techniques. Multi-stage laboratory and application tests by qualified companies, including extensive documentation for load testing.
3. Practice
Application of bonding technology on the cruise ship of a world-renowned company. Execution under real conditions on many guest balconies, with assembly of hammocks. Daily use and constant guest use, during the cruises.
4. Conclusion:
The result, after more than a year of long-term use under everyday guest use on the cruise ship: Everything perfect, no problems!
After more than 2.5 years, from the idea to the result of the long-term practical application, we are convinced that the adhesive technology for fastening fastening points for the installation of hammocks on board cruise ships is a real alternative to drilling or welding.

After a one-year development and test phase for the use of adhesive bonding technology on cruise liners, the Crazy Chair Nautic Team also successfully completed the theoretical and practical training in August 2017. Now we can get started, because all areas of this innovative procedure for assembling and installing hammocks on cruise ships have been successfully completed.

The installations of the hammocks on the latest ship of the TUI Cruises fleet were completed in August 2017. Two different types of hammocks were used: the proven SLIMLINE model on the balconies of the suites and the exclusive OYSTER hammocks on the roof terraces of the Himmel&Meer Suites. Now all Mein Schiff (MS3, MS4, MS5, MS6) have these two high-tech hammocks from Crazy Chair Nautic.

It is well known that hammocks require two dots for attachment. Particularly on the balconies of the cruise liners, these are installed during the shipyard construction of the ships, if requested and planned in time. If cruise ships are already travelling with guests, it is very problematic to install brackets retrospectively, because for many reasons it is not allowed to weld or drill on the balconies. However, the guests would like to retreat to the cabin balcony in a private atmosphere and lie in their hammock and dream (especially on sea days, when the deck chairs on the pool decks are scarce and it is very crowded). As a manufacturer of suitable, seaworthy hammocks, we have already equipped over 18 cruise ships. Know the local situations and want to make a contribution - for the cruise companies and their guests. So we have devoted ourselves intensively to this special topic in a working group:
"Installation of hammock mounts on cruise ships, during the cruise, with guests on board".
More than one year of development work, cooperation with experts and adhesive manufacturers, many test series in laboratories and adhesive tests under real conditions. In addition, the knowledge and development of special "mounting plates" for static secure fastening, constant adaptation to carry out bonding work in the real environment. Then the selection and testing of the perfect equipment, for a controlled and smooth procedure of the gluing work on board the cruise ships. Ultimately, this also included training of our team through companies in adhesives technology to ensure that all details and work processes are carried out safely at a later date. We are now ready and have carried out the bonding technology on well-known cruise ships. And everyone is enthusiastic about the cruise companies, the guests and us.