Individual Development

Crazy Chair - Individuelle Entwicklung

Individual product development.

Due to our many years’ experience we can offer a large variety of hammocks we developed and built to satisfy the needs of cruise ships. But our Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks are not products “off the rack”. We adapt our products to your requirements and preferences in terms of size, design, color, equipment, and technical features such as fire safety. We also advise you in advance using detailed plans, take measurements of the available space and installation points on site, and hold planning meetings with technicians, interior designers, and architects.

Preparation of prototypes.

Depending on the situation, target requirements, and preferences, we will build your customized Crazy Chair Nautic Hammock in the size, shape, color, and version you desire. Important safety aspects – for instance central fire safety requirements, special certifications, or high resilience to maritime influences – will be taken into account, as well as your guests’ preferences regarding reclining comfort and user friendliness. After developing and producing your sample hammock, our team will gladly undertake the first test installation.

Crazy Chair - Individuelle Entwicklung

Production in Germany.

We consistently produce in Germany – on principle. Because only through our reliable network of long-term suppliers and experienced service teams can we maintain control of every single process in the development, manufacturing, and installation of our innovative products. This control is what gives you the security and trust to develop a long, intensive relationship with our company.

Crazy Chair - Individuelle Entwicklung

Made in Germany


  • Specially selected materials for the most exacting demands
  • Uncompromising quality in design, material, and workmanship
  • Carefully thought-out details, no bothersome seams, no unnecessary processing steps
  • Perfect reclining ergonomics, developed in cooperation with therapists and orthopedic specialists
  • Modern design, concise and simple shapes
  • Tested for durability, practicability, and safety
  • TÜV tested and certified
  • Completely assembled – for immediate use


  • High-tech microweave „Batyline“
  • Tear proof, tensile, no lateral stretch and warping of the weave
  • Weatherproof and resistant to rain and sea water
  • Colors and material resistant to UV and intense sun exposure
  • Allwetter Duo and Canatex with B1 fire safety system
  • Pleasant feel on the skin, allergy-tested and fungicide-treated
  • Quality materials used in the suspension, e.g. rust-free stainless steel
  • Easy care, simple to clean with water, sponge, or micro-fiber cloth

Cruise ship furnishings must stand up to extreme conditions. Any company whose products can satisfy these high demands can justly call itself part of an elite set. The requirements regarding safety, fire protection, durability, etc. are precisely tested and documented by institutes. Anyone who does not satisfy their approval criteria is out of the game.

Crazy Chair - Sicherheit


We have conducted successful TÜV inspections for the flagships of our collection. We also ensure that our main suppliers are TÜV-certified.

Crazy Chair - Sicherheit


Maritime applications are very demanding on equipment. Salt water, sun, temperature fluctuations, vibration, and intensive use require the best materials, workmanship, and installations.
This is why all of the products we use like shackles, carabiners, ropes, and belts are tested for breaking load, working load, and sufficient load reserves

Crazy Chair - Sicherheit

B1 Fire safety

We have used the high-quality „Batyline“ fabric for our products for many years. Our products Duo Allweather and Canatex Allweather satisfy the strictest legal fire safety requirements due to their „B1 – low flammability“ rating, so they can be used in areas where with highest safety standards.

Put to the test in practice.

No ifs, ands, or buts: On a cruise ship, the guests’ safety is the top priority. This is why we subject our products and materials to stringent tests. Fabrics like the weatherproof micro-weave „Batyline“, for instance, carry not only an IMO certificate but an ÖkoTest 100 seal as well.