The added value of relaxation.

Your advantages with the Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks.

Upgrade for the cabin

To make guests on board your ship feel perfectly comfortable, the personal environment has to be right. Your guests want to feel at home in the compact cabin environment and enjoy their freedom. With Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks, the living space of the cabin is extended to include the balcony, so it safely offers even more room for relaxation. By the way, this applies not only for small balconies, but large luxury verandas as well.

More relaxation on the high seas.

A cruise with balcony cabin has become a must for more and more passengers. Particularly on days when many guests linger at the pool or on the sun deck and the deck chairs are crowded closely side by side, guests like to withdraw to the privacy of their balconies. Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks take the utmost advantage of even the tightest spaces on the smallest balconies and turn them into small and large private wellness oases.

Wellness in small spaces.

With the rising popularity of cruises, ships are getting bigger. That also increases the number of guest cabins with balconies. Most of the balconies are laid out to the width of the cabin, are not very deep, and offer very little space for no more than 2 chairs and a small table. There is definitely no room for a deck chair. With Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks, we create a private wellness oasis for 2 people, with enough space to lie down comfortably.

Easy to use for everyone.

Though using a Crazy Chair Nautic hammock is as comfortable as can be for your guests: We don’t exactly take it easy. What seems simple to you and your guests is a result of our hard work. Because Crazy Chair Nautic hammocks are innovative high-end products made in Germany, whose design, material, and workmanship we strive to improve continuously. To make sure your guests are completely comfortable, our hammocks have ergonomic surfaces and are constructed to make it easy to get in or out. Weatherproof hammocks can stay permanently on the balconies. Guests can take them out of the resting position, spread them out, and replace them within seconds by means of a safety shackle. The hammocks are easy and quick to clean and are delivered completely assembled – ready to use immediately.